Korea Expressway

HDcctv Solution by Comart System is being operated by Korea Expressway Corporation. They installed more than six hundreds of systems between Dang-jin and Dae-jeon, Gong-ju and Seo-cheon Including the systems between Seoul and Chun-cheon. It makes a real time monitoring of expressway possible. The configuration below is HD-CCTV Solution by Comart System and consists of the entire system which shows between the field and Monitoring centre. You can see and understand where the equipment is located and how the data moves from the field to Monitoring centre.  


The video input stream from HD-CCTV camera, using HD SDI, in the field is to be sent to System box. The stream is finally sent to the Monitoring centre through network after the process of adding character from HD character generator(HDCG-100V/S) and encoding from video server(HDVS-100S). In Monitoring centre, the data received by video server (HDVS-100S) is decoded into HDMI. The HDMI is sent to HD converter (MHSC-100AV) and transformed into SDI by the HD converter. The transformed SDI is sent to HD converter (MHD-400AV). It converts the SDI into a variety of signals like SDI/RGB/HDMI, and SDI is sent to the monitor in Monitoring centre by HD splitter (SHDS-F4ProS) in a high resolution. Like the way above, the video is transmitted from the field to Monitoring centre, and the image below is the actual view of the installation in the playing field.  

Playing Field


Monitoring centre