Anyang CityHall

Anyang City Hall made use of HD-CCTV solution of Comart System including HD-CCTV camera using HD SDI in the process of infrastructure ITS for the U-Integrated Control Room.

Based on the high resolution video data, it is now possible that Anyang City Hall is able to deal with every situation in time concerning how the transportation and other emergency system go on.

Problems from Existing Modes

The worst problem the existing system has is delaying and buffering problems happening in the process of transferring the video data through network, which has inevitable limitation of IP camera. Especially, now that they have to control pan, tilt and zoom of the cameras installed in a playing field, the problems like delaying and buffering have been getting in trouble a lot for the concerned work.


HD-CCTV solution of Comart System Co.,Ltd is based on coaxial cable using SDI(Serial Digital Interface) transferring adopted system. It prevents the problems like delaying and buffering caused in IP mode frequently.

Additionally, HD-SDI is designed to fully support PTZ and real time monitoring in a control room by transferring the RAW high resolution data through Optical Cable(Max 40Km).


Introduction of the System

A variety of ways and equipment can be applied to HD-CCTV solution of Comart System, using HD-SDI, because it uses SDI transferring interface which is apt to surroundings.

Having a look at introduced system in U-Integrated control room in Anyang City Hall, High Definition video stream turns into SDI signal through the character generator taken by HD-CCTV camera (HDC-SD210AV) in places like major crossroads and thirty two of street roads. THe signal is transferred into the control room in Anyang City Hall through optical network(Max 40Km). The received signal gets through MHD-400AV to turn into a variety of signals like SDI, RGB, Composite and HDMI.

The video signals are able to be on one of the monitors in the room through video matrix of RGB matrix and be divided into maximum four video streams in a monitor by using HDS(High Definition Splitter). Furthermore, it can be transferred to other places and institutions to be seen, and also be controlled collectively connecting to a PC for PTZ control.


System Analysis

The components above offer more superior and successive high resolution video stream than IP mode which has a limitation in transferring data in network or existing system with analog cameras. It gives benefits of sorting out the procedure out more objectively and rapidly about accidents and emergencies.

Moreover, video out mode th the screen is adjustable to that it is wanted to be through HDS or Matrix, and the staff in the control room can easily and efficiently do their work.


Expecting Effect

1. Surveillance of Crossroads in Real Time

By applying transferring interface, SDI, the video data is to be transferred without delaying and buffering. It makes the work more easily for the staff to watch over the happenings and rspond to them rapidly.

2. High Resolution Video Collectible

For the first time domestically, the Traffic Control System introduced HD-CCTV cameras, using HD SDI, to not only acquire high resolution video data of traffic accidents and crimes happening in crossroads and streets but also decide what is right and wrong as evidence in a tribunal.

3. Efficient Work Performance

By using HDS, it is available for division of screens and for surveillance and control of the whole areas installed with the cameras simultaneously as well as surveillance to focus on a particular area by adjusting division mode.